Our Services

MQO believes in taking an individualized, dynamic, and comprehensive approach to every research and evaluation project. The methodology for each project is developed based on the goals of the client, the issues and objectives to be addressed, and the nature of the information and its potential sources.

Our first step is to ensure clarity of purpose to ensure our approach, analyses, and insights help build a bridge to between knowledge and action. Our systematic approach is the cornerstone our reputation has been built on and we have been proud to provide results for our clients for over 35 years.

MQO Research is a Certified Corporate Member of the Canadian Research and Insights Council, and we are committed to conducting our research engagements and business practices using the highest international industry standards. We adhere to the Pledge to Canadians and we comply with CRIC Standards and with ISO 20252 Standards.

Our Expertise

Quantitative Research

Rigourous quantitative methodologies, from probabalistic-sample polling and advanced analytics to cutting-edge online and AI-assisted approaches.

Qualitative Research

Dig deeper and find the authentic context for your insights. Structured interviews, focus groups, bulletin boards, participatory sharing, and more. Online, In-Person, In-Situ.

Program Evaluation

Our Credentialed Program Evaluators can bring your Program to best-practices for success. Logic models and deep-dive primary and secondary assessments.