Call from MQO Interviewers

Called by MQO?​

If you would like to get in touch with us about an interaction with one of our interviewers, or if you have any questions about a call you received or the research you participated in, please use this form and our field team will review your message and respond to you shortly.

Our Call Centre interviewers use the following phone numbers for outbound calls:

  • 709-793-4033
  • 506-431-4005
  • 902-406-0207
(Note – these are outgoing lines only, they do not accept incoming calls. To contact us, please use the form on this page)
To stop receiving survey or research recruitment phone calls or emails from us, simply click on the designated options on this form and you will be added to our do not call list. We appreciate your involvement in our research and respect your right to opt out.
If you would like to verify the validity of a research project, you can search the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) Research Verification Service database by clicking here.