Atlantic Canada COVID-19 Poll – The Number of Atlantic Canadians Who Intend to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Has Dropped Significantly Since Last Spring

(HALIFAX, N.S.) – According to an online poll conducted at the end of November, the number of Atlantic Canadians who plan to get vaccinated has decreased since the Spring, dropping from 74% in May 2020 to 66%. This represents a significant decline.

The portion of those who are undecided has increased since May. In May, before a safe vaccine for COVID-19 existed, 14% of Atlantic Canadians said they did not know if they would get a vaccine if a safe vaccine became available. In November 2020, the percentage of those who were undecided rose to 21%.

“Uncertainty about receiving the vaccine has gone up since it was officially announced,” said Lianne Sarson, VP, Research and Engagement at MQO Research. “In May, a safe vaccine didn’t exist, so the idea of having to make a decision about vaccination was still abstract. Although there are a lot of variables at play, it’s possible that when news started rolling in that effective vaccines were around the corner, the decision to take the vaccine or not take the vaccine started to become a real choice for people.”

The poll of 1154 residents of Atlantic Canada was in the field from mid to late November 2020. This sample was statistically weighted to be representative of the overall population.

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