79% of PEI Residents Support Presumed Consent For Organ Donation

Nova Scotia just passed legislation that would make it the first place in North America to adopt presumed consent around organ donations.

Under this legislation, all people in Nova Scotia would be considered potential organ donors unless they opt out.

On Prince Edward Island, 79 percent of residents would support the introduction of similar legislation.

“There is strong support on PEI for this kind of legislation,” said Stephen Moore, Vice President at MQO Research. “Support is strong in every region and demographic group.”

MQO asked residents across Atlantic Canada whether they’d support similar legislation in their province:

  1. Newfoundland and Labrador: 83 percent
  2. New Brunswick: 83 percent
  3. Prince Edward Island: 79 percent
  4. Nova Scotia: 75 percent

“We see support slightly decline as people get older,” said Moore. “However, a large majority of people over 55 support presumed consent for organ donation.”

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